1. Current: 0-5A
  2. Voltage: 4-30V
  3. Timing: 0-99 hours 4. Power : 0-150W
  4. Capacity: 0-999999mAh
  5. Inner temperature: 0-80 C
  6. Divide into groups: 0-9 group
  7. Electricity:0-999999mAh
  8. Charging resistance:0-999.9 Ω
  9. Positive voltage: 0-10V
  10. Negative voltage: 0-10V


Directions for use
1: Click the button to view 1-9 sets of charging data.

2: Long press the button for 3 seconds to remove a set of

charging data.

3: Double-click the button to rotate the screen to view.
4.Long press the button and insert the USB interface to enter the voltage calibration:

For example :

(1) If display (5.526V→) Then double click button quickly

(2) If display(5.528V↑), then you can click the button to increase the display voltage.

(3) Double click button quickly,if display(5.528V↓),then you can click the button to decrease the display voltage.

(4) Then double click button quickly again, if display(5.526V→),then click the button one more times ,the screen will display Current Calibration!

The system automatically performs current calibration and will automatically return to the function home page after calibration is completed.

Package includes:

1 x MX18 Black 10 in1 Digital LCD Display USB Tester Voltage Current Tester Power Meter Timing Ammeter USB Charger Tester Detector


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