This Gray Flat Ribbon Cable 20 wire per 1 meter for general wiring purposes. The wire gauge is 28 AWG and comes in gray color with one pink wire.

Wires have stranded core. Length is 1 meter per wire. You may peel each wire from the rest if you need individual wires. This cable can also be connected to the AVR using the JTAG connector.


Features :

  1. Easily and directly inserted into PCB.
  2. Suitable for internal wiring in office equipment, audio, and video machines.
  3. Durable and reusable
  4. Easy to install and use
  5. A popular choice for construction or repair
  6. Useful for the electronic project and Genuine Arduino product.


Package Includes:

1 x Gray Flat Ribbon Cable (FRC) 20 wires par 1 meter Length. If two quantity is order then you will get 2 Meter cable.



Specifications :-

Cable Size (AWG) 28
Color Grey
Width (mm) 24
Height (mm) 1
Weight (gm) 31
Cable Length (Meter) 1



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