HLK-PM12 ( HLKPM12) Hi-Link AC to DC 220V To 12V 3W Mini SMPS Power Supply Module

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  1. Ultra-thin, ultra-small
  2. Input voltage: 110-240V AC
  3. Low power consumption, environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W
  4. Low ripple, low noise
  5. Good output short-circuit and over-current protection and self-recovery
  6. High efficiency, high power density
  7. Input and output isolation voltage 3000V
  8. 100% full load aging and testing
  9. High reliability, long life design, continuous working time is more than 100,000 hours
  10. Meet the UL / CE requirements: product design to meet EMC and safety test requirements
  11. Moisture, vibration, water and dust to meet IP65 standards


Basic Parameters:

Operating temperature: -25 ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ~ 80 ℃

Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%

Cooling method: natural cooling

Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 106 Kpa

Altitude: ≤ 2000m

Vibration coefficient: 10 ~ 500Hz, 2G10min / 1cycle  60min.each along X.Y, Z axes


Electrical Characteristics:

Rated input voltage: 110 – 240Vac

Input voltage range: 90-264V AC

The maximum input current: ≤ 0.2A

Input surge current: ≤10A

The maximum input voltage: ≤ 270V

Input low voltage efficiency: Vin = 110Vac, output full load ≥69%

Input high voltage efficiency: Vin = 2200Vac, output full load ≥70%

Long-term reliability: MTBF ≥ 100,000H

External fuse Recommended: 1A / 250Vac

No-load rated output voltage: 12 ± 0.1Vdc

Full load rated output voltage: 12 ± 0.2Vdc

Short time maximum output current: ≥650mA

Long time maximum output current: ≥ 250mA

Voltage regulation rate: ± 0.2%

Load regulation: ± 0.5%

Output ripple and noise (mVp-p): rated input voltage, full output, with 20MHZ bandwidth oscilloscope, the load side and 10uf and 0.1uf capacitance test Switch overshoot amplitude: (rated input voltage, output plus 10%) ≤ 5% V0

Output over-current protection: output maximum load of 150 ~ 200%

Output short-circuit protection: Direct output when the normal short-circuit, short-circuit automatically removed to restore normal work (without damage to the whole machine)


Package Included:

1 x HLK-PM12 ( HLKPM12) Hi-Link AC to DC 220V To 12V 3W Mini SMPS Power Supply Module



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